The Introverted Characteristics of Top-Ranked Leaders

Often times when we think of leaders we consider those who are charismatic and outspoken but we don’t dive into more

Why Introverts Make Great Leaders

Have you ever been told – “you’re just not cut out for leadership?”  Or have you questioned your ability to more

Get Instant Freedom at Work With One Habit Change

Do you ever feel overwhelmed at work?  Bombarded by tasks flying in from other people, quick emergencies that require immediate more

Building Your Career As An Introverted A-Player

It’s the new year with new budgets and new opportunity.  It’s that time in your career where you’ve had a more

Does Empowerment Require Permission?

When you hear the word empowerment, what do you envision? Do you think of advocating for something to make a difference? more

Empower Yourself

What Drives Empowerment Empowerment is often thought of when the majority sends the message – they don’t believe in you. more


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