Why Rising Introverts?

Hi, I’m Amanda!  I am an introverted mindset and confidence coach.  My number one goal is to find anyway possible to empower introverts to eliminate their self-limiting beliefs to achieve more in life and love their introversion.

Throughout my life I battled with introversion.  I didn’t understand what it was and viewed my natural characteristics as something negative that needed to change.

Have you ever felt like…

  • There was something wrong with you?  
  • That if you were naturally more outgoing life could be so much better?

I used to wonder things like:

  • Do I have a disease?
  • I can’t seem to focus, do I suffer from ADHD?
  • Why do I struggle to talk on command without preparation or thought?  

It felt like I didn’t have a voice or like the world was looking at me as if I was slow and incompetent.  I even went as far as to take an online test to see if I was a psychopath.  In case you were wondering, I didn’t pass.

But why would anyone do something crazy like that?  Because it hurts to feel broken inside, so you search for answers.  Eventually I realized that I didn’t have any issues, I wasn’t abnormal. I was an introvert.

Stop Trying to Change Yourself!

As introverts we are doing ourselves a disservice by constantly wishing we were different instead of accepting who we are.  I learned how to turn this frustration into fuel.

I no longer wanted extroverts around me to try and make me thrive in their world.  I needed them to understand mine.

I wanted to undo years of self-limiting beliefs that told me I wasn’t smart enough, friendly enough, or outgoing enough because of my introverted tendencies. So I studied self-limiting beliefs and how to rewire the brain. 

Accepting My Introversion

I created an experiment to see if I could spearhead a personal transformation and started reversing negative beliefs in less than 5-days.  I have now replaced by long-term insecurity with greater acceptance and confidence.

This is amazing because your new, positive beliefs live deep in your mind and pop into your brain automatically when you need them most. They let you know who’s boss without you even needing to ask.  It means that your old negative beliefs are gone and you can tap into pure freedom. Want to learn more?

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